It’s strange. You feel soothed and happy by the companionship of your daughter and your son-in-law, and the fine young people who are their friends and the members of your staff. And the cool, brisk, shiny beauty of the day. But simultaneously, you are way down and grieved, emotionally wearied by the troubles that you must try to solve—the growing virus of the riots, the rising list of Vietnam casualties, criticism from your own friends, or former friends, in Congress—and most of the complaining is coming from the Democrats.
August 13, 1967. Lady Bird Johnson, A White House Diary, New York: Dell Books, 1971, pg 611. (via lbjlibrary)
“They say we die twice. Once when the breath leaves our body, and once when the last person we know says our name.” — Val.
From Stand Up Guys (2012) — stream it now on Netflix.

“They say we die twice. Once when the breath leaves our body, and once when the last person we know says our name.” — Val.

From Stand Up Guys (2012) — stream it now on Netflix.

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Twas a few days before Christmas… and DJ Harvey paid a midnight visit to KCRW.  He left a gift more appropriate for New Years Eve…

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I haven’t been excited about a Killers Christmas single since “A Great Big Sled”, but when I heard 2013’s “Christmas In L.A.” on ❄indie under the christmas tree❄ by gypseeh, I knew Brandon and the boys were back on track (with a little help from Dawes).  Even better is the video featuring a mostly-animated Owen Wilson.  ”Sled” was all about 21st-century nostalgia for wintery fun and the cultural hegemony of the Christian holiday.  ”In LA” lacks the morality of their earlier work, replacing it with… nothing.  LA becomes a metaphor for isolation and ennui.  ”Empty beach cafes”; a tank-top, flip-flop wearing derelict; and a uncommunicative Harry Dean Stanton are all Hollywood (and therefore unreliable) stand-ins for the family hearth, Santa Claus, and the three wise men. 

I can’t say I agree with the message, but I can understand the sentiment.  And it just might be the last decent Christmas song they write, a worthy bookend to “Sled”.

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Xmas Marks the Spot from gregarens on 8tracks Radio.


Just uploaded a Christmas mix from the past, with some slight changes in track order.  For some reason, I can’t find a cleaner version of Marvin Gaye’s “Purple Snowflakes”, which makes me believe that the master has this odd reverb on it.

The Colbert Report
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I would sign that petition.  But the best part of Colbert is towards the end where he lays a little Swiftian justice on some modern Brobdingnagians.

Goal Alexis Sánchez - Barcelona 1-0 Espanyol... by Sport-Today-2014

Not sure what language the announcer is speaking, but I do know what he’s saying: “Neymar just served up that goal with a double effin’ nutmeg! A double effin’ nutmeg!”


Parquet Courts <blah blah> have announced a new EP <blah blah> This tune, “You’ve Got Me Wonderin Now’” <blah>… whistling melody over the driving punk rhythm and breathy vocals <blah>.  

I thought this might mean they are headed back to LA but it seems The Quarts are headed to Europe instead after a little homecoming next week in Austin.  Lucky Europe.

Ajax could have had 22 men on the field for Messi’s PK (around the :25 mark) and he still would have scored with this kind of precision.  Yet another hat trick for the Argie, with some beautiful support play from Neymar.